Minutes form 5-15 meeting

The meeting of Vanlue Athletic Boosters on May 12,2015 7:00 in the cafeteria. I - The meeting was called to order @ 7:21PM by Amy Baird II- Attendance President : Not Present Vice President: Not Present Treasurer: Amy Baird Secretary : Paula Ritter At Large: Shaunacy Ross Others: Larry Monday, Tara Clymer, Chris Yeater, Renee Scheombaum, Sally Kleoepfer. III- Approval of minutes from last meeting A- Secretary report from 4-7-15 Motioned: Shaunacy Ross 2nd: Amy Baird Motion was passed B-Treasures report Motioned: Shaunacy Ross 2nd: Tara Clymer Motion was passed IV- Old Business a- 501C update : Tabled until we have information collected by Jeremy Kleopfer b-Locker report update: Requisition turned into Athletic Department , no update at this time c- Camera Status: New girls coach and coach Yeater are looking into a price on camera through are all ready establish Huddle program. If not they will get an update on allowance set fourth in previous meetings. d- Golf Scramble: The date has been set for August 2, 2015 at Findlay Country Club is a possibility for venue. We estimate the same cost at $30.00 per person to the Boosters. Chris Yeater to head the event , he will also be getting volunteers to work the event. Old Business excepted - Shaunacy Ross - Amy Baird V- New Business a- Spring Sports Banquet: Preble May 21,2015. Waiting for date confirmation with front office. -We will supply ice cream and pizza. Athletes will bring drinks and toppings for ice cream. b- Scholarships: Sally Kleopfer will present at award ceremony at the school c- Huddle Software renewal: Need by Aug. 1, 2015 d- Camps: Girls Basketball Camp: Cost to the Boosters $360.00 Motioned by: Paula Ritter 2nd : Sally Kleopfer Motion Passed e- Storage Discussion: The idea of Booster purchasing there own facility to store equipment and items used for Booster functions. ( Tabled) f-Pitching Machine balls for Softball: The team will need new balls for the season ahead. Boosters allot $150.00 toward purchasing the balls Motioned by: Shaunacy Ross 2nd: Amy Baird Motion Passed No new business discussed VI- Adjournment Motioned: Tara Clymer 2nd: Amy Baird Meeting was adjourned at 7:59pm Minutes submitted by Paula Ritter Approved by Next meeting will start with new officers on June 2, 2015@8:00pm at the school
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