April meeting minutes

Vanlue Athletic Boosters
Meeting Minutes
April 4, 2013
I. Call to order
President Mike Edie called to order the regular meeting of the Vanlue Athletic Boosters at 7:30 pm on April 4, 2013 at Mrs. Bratt's Room.
II. Roll call
Secretary Paula Ritter conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Mike Edie, Paula Ritter, Amy Baird, Danelle Werner, Denise Correll, Shaunacy Ross, Chris Yeater, Jason Miller, Ryan Caplinger, Nick Rider, Todd Richards, Greg Thomas
III. Approval of minutes from last meeting
a) Secretary Paula Ritter read the minutes from the last meeting.
i. Motion to approve Shaunacy Ross
ii. Seconded by Denise Correll
b) Financial Report read by Treasurer Amy Baird
i. Motion to approve- Danelle Werner
ii. Seconded – Shaunacy Ross
IV. Old business
a. Comedy Night discussions- during day set up, Mike Edie to get riser, Nick Rider to provide sound system, Paula Ritter to do concessions, 50/50 tickets, time for set up 2:00 pm at park,
b. Golf Scramble- Chris Yeater to be in charge. Date to be announced but likely late summer/ fall. Requesting more help in running. August 25th date set at Fostoria Country club.
c. Kohls cares program Mike Edie to investigate
d. Taxes- Amy Baird to investigate
e. Athletic Boosters scholarship- The applications were passed out
f. Gate bill confirmed and will be paid
IV. New business
a) Alumni game for basketball: to be investigated maybe with meet the team night?
b) Girls basketball summer shootouts- 300 dollars and 185 dollars at Bluffton to be paid out of the 500$ to girls basketball programs by May 20, 2013.
c) Motion for weight room shirts 10 total
i. Motion by Danelle Werner
ii. Seconded by Paula Ritter
d) Next Meeting – Tuesday May 7th time 7:30 pm.

V. Adjournment
President Mike Edie motioned adjournment
Seconded Danelle Werner
Adjourned the meeting at 8:05 pm
Minutes submitted by: Paula Ritter Secretary
Minutes approved by: Mike Edie President
VI. Reconvene meeting
a) $ 125.00 requistion for all star game
i. Motion- Nick Rider
ii. Seconded- Denise Correll
VII. Adjournment
a) Motion to adjourn Mike Edie
b) Seconded by Greg Thomas
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