Meeting minutes 3/13

Vanlue Athletic Boosters

Meeting Minutes

March 6, 2013

I. Call to order

Mike Edie called to order the regular meeting of the Vanlue Athletic Boosters at 7:40 pm on March 6, 2013 at Mrs. Bratt's Room.

II. Roll call

Secretary Paula Ritter conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Mike Edie, Paula Ritter, Danelle Werner, Denise Correll, Chris Yeater, Shaunacy Ross, Greg Thomas

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting

a)Secretary Paula Ritter read the minutes from the last meeting.

i. Motion to approve Denise Correll

ii. Seconded by Danelle Werner

b) Financial Report read for Treasurer Amy Baird by Denise Correll

i. Motion to approve- Shaunacy Ross

ii. Seconded – Danelle Werner

IV. Old business

a. Golf Scramble- Information needs looked over to be finalized with little changes. Set- needs help to run

b. Comedy Night discussions- 100 dollar rental, 150 rental if using heat checking Tentative date Saturday April 20th, 2013 8 pm. Comedians to be contacted by Mike Edie, charge 12$ pre-sale, 15$ At door. Concessions Paula Ritter to investigate

c. Kohls cares program- Needed EIN – Mike Edie continuing to work on this

d. Taxes- Amy Baird not present to report

e. Athletic Boosters scholarship- applications out

f. Athletic Banquet discussion-March 18th, Patty Thomas to do chicken. Greg Thomas to investigate girt cards.

IV. New business

a) Reverse Raffle Question of date Mike Edie will check date with the park for Nov 2

b) Football requisition for equipment – totaling $2615.25

i. Motion to approve by Denise Correll

ii. Seconded to Paula Ritter

c) Discussed different fund raising ideas

d) Reverse raffle tickets to be donated to the football team

i. Motion by Danelle Werner

ii. Seconded by Greg Thomas

e) Senior Night Questions – change to one night? Tabled until after investigation

f) Player game entry tickets bill tabled until figure is verified.

g) Next Meeting –Tuesday April 2, 2013 time 7:30 pm.

V. Adjournment

Mike Edie motioned adjournment

Seconded by Mike Edie

Adjourned the meeting at 8:59pm

Minutes submitted by: Paula Ritter Secretary

Minutes approved by: Mike Edie, President
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