Class of 2010 - Student Athlete Accomplishments

Class of 2010

Drew Bostic-4th Year Varsity Baseball, Offensive MVP, honorable mention BVC, 1st team BVC, 1 year Varsity Basketball

Taylor Chiow-3 Years Varsity Football, 2 Years Varsity Basketball, 3 Years Varsity Baseball, 2 years JV Basketball

Jordan Cook- 2 Year Varsity Track, 3 years Varsity Basketball, 1st Team District 8, 1st Team BVC (twice), 2nd Team District 8

Drew Hendricks- 3 Years Varsity Football

Mark Hill- 1 Year Varsity Football

Morgan Hotelling-1st Year Varsity Volleyball, JV Track, 2 years Varsity Softball

Melissa Lueders-2nd Year Varsity Track, 1st Year Varsity Cheerleading

Dustie Ward-2nd Year Varsity Volleyball, 3rd Year Varsity Softball, 3rd Year Track

Zach Zeis-1st Year Varsity Baseball

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