Ways to Practice Short Vowel Words at Home

Here are some easy Phonics Games you can play at home to help your child learn words with the short vowel sound. (cvc pattern)

· A dry erase board works best. This is a game I play regularly with my younger students. Start with an easy word like cat. Have the child change the word to hat. Then change it to hut, then to hit.. pit… pot.. cot… cut.. cup… and so on. Try only changing ONE LETTER at a time.

· Make a Bingo Chart with only 3 letter words on it. Have your child find the words as you call them out. Then after they have found them all, have them call each word out to you as you find the words. (Ask your child for help if you need it!! J They will love it!)

· Write letters on note cards and then have your child build the letters together to make a word. See how many words you can make with just one small group of letters.

Group #1 a,m,p,n,c,t,f,s

Group #2 o,p,g,l,h,m,t,f

Group #3 i,n,f,t,b,p,s

· While reading a book, magazine or article, help your child to find and highlight/ circle the 3 letter words within the text. Practice reading them together. You could also have your child write them on a separate piece of paper for practice.

· Draw pictures to go with each of the three letter words that they can find or think of. The pictures they draw will help them to put meaning to each word and will help them to gain ownership of the word and remember it in the future.

Last modified: Wednesday, March 30, 2011, 12:45 PM