Practice Sight Words at Home

Sight Words

Common words that you often see in text and written work.

- Are words that commonly can not be sounded out and are usually expected to be memorized or immediate.

- Sight words are a key factor in raising

- #1 Fluency - the rate you read (words per minute)

- #2 Comprehension – Understanding what you read.

Attached to this packet, I have included 2 lists of sight words. One of these lists is separated by grade while the other is alphabetized. Knowing, practicing and using sight words is a skill required by the state standards in all grades. If you haven’t mastered sight words, you will have a difficult time reading fluently and understanding what you have read.

Practicing Sight Words can be fairly easy and fun to practice. I suggest practicing them in the following ways:

1. Write words on to flashcards.
2. Separate cards and only do 5 - 10 at a time.
3. Mark flashcard each time it is read correctly in 3 seconds time.
4. After word has 6 checkmarks, pull it out of group and grab a
new word.
5. Get the whole list together and time child to see how fast and
accurately they can get through the list. (challenge
6. Reward your child for a job well done.
7. Start on lower lists and work your way up. Do no just stay on
one list.
8. Have students use words in sentences (orally and written).
9. Be sure that students are also spelling these words correctly in
written work.
10. Practice these words daily (5- 10 minutes). Try not to make it
a long and laborious activity.
12. Post words around the house and have child find and read

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