5/22/17 - May Board of Education Meeting

Click the link below to view the May Board meeting beginning at 6:30 pm.

Watch here!

5/17/17 - Financial Literacy in Grades 5 and 1

Today, seniors in Mrs. Sandor’s Algebra III class taught a lesson to Mr. Furey’s Fifth Grade and Mrs. Leidy's First Grade class about the many aspects of Financial Literacy. Students learned about budgeting, savings accounts, needs and wants, and credit cards during the presentation. The Fifth Graders learned the importance of saving for the future, as well as budgeting correctly to pay for needs before spending money on wants. First Graders participated in a Needs and Wants Cut and Paste activity and a Needs and Wants Writing activity. Seniors touched on the importance of charity and donating time and resources to help others in need. Students ended the lesson by interacting and playing The Money Game and Math-O, a variation of Bingo.

5/17/17 - Jeans For Troops

Vanlue Local Honors Memorial Day by Participating in GI Go Fund’s “Jeans For Troops” Dress Down Day To Benefit Returning Military Veterans

On May 10th, 2017 Vanlue Staff took part in the 2017 Jeans for Troops fundraising drive benefiting GI Go Fund, an nonprofit organization that helps veterans returning home find employment, access their health care and financial benefits, and link to housing. 

GI Go Fund is an organization that has been supporting military families for more than a decade, providing veterans with innovative ways of finding employment, securing their educational and health benefits, as well as providing aid and assistance to low income and homeless veterans. Since their founding, the organization has helped tens of thousands of veterans improve their lives and give them the capacity to provide and care for their loved ones.

In addition, the organization does tremendous work for veterans who struggle with financial difficulties, hosting events to get veterans housed, as well as providing emergency financial assistance to those who need it most.

For more information about GI Go Fund and the work they do, as well as ways you can get involved, visit www.gigo.org.

5/11/17 - School Lunch the Last Week of School

Mrs. King has released what will be for lunch the last week of school. The online calendar is updated, so please keep this in mind for lunch. Thanks!

Monday May 22nd:
Mini Corn dogs
Baked Beans

Tuesday May 23rd:
Assorted sandwiches (hamburger, BBQ rib, and Veal)
French Fries

Wednesday May 24th:
Chicken nuggets/popcorn chicken

Thursday May 25th:
Assorted pizza
Green Beans

5/9/17 - Adopt a Door Campaign Still Going On

Vanlue School is still accepting donations for the Adopt a Door campaign. This campaign will purchase door mechanisms that can be engaged in the event of an intruder. Please see the below flyer for information on where to send your donation. Help meet Vanlue School's goal!!

5/8/17 - April-May Students of the Month

Today we recognize our last Students of the Month for the 2016-2017 school year!  Congrats to the following students:

Kindergarten ~ Harper
1st Grade ~ Toby
2nd Grade ~ Isaac
3rd Grade ~ Candace
4th Grade ~ Abigail
5th Grade ~ Mara

4/27/17 - Vanlue High School Nationally Recognized

Vanlue High School is a Nationally Recognized High School by US News!  We are extremely proud of this accomplishment of our students and teachers.  Here is the link to the data that was used to grant us this accomplishment.

Vanlue High School Data

4/24/17 - April Board of Education Meeting

Click the link below to view the April Board meeting beginning at 6:30 pm.

Watch here!

4/24/17 - May Lunch Menu

4/19/17 - Vanlue Art Show

The Vanlue Art Show is coming up in May! Check out the flyer for more info!

4/19/17 - Summer Lunch at Glenwood MS

With summer fast approaching (yes, I said that magical word), we wanted to remind everyone of the lunches available at Glenwood MS. Please see the flyer for more info.

4/4/17 - Substitute Teaching

It's never too late to sign up to become a substitute teacher. See the flyer below or call Jodi in the office for more information. Vanlue School pays higher than some other area schools.