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    This page was created to provide you with links to helpful teaching resources for your classroom.
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    Technology Teaching Tools

    Submitted by Cathy Labie 8/15/13

    The website we discussed for texting phones homework and features an inability to be texted back is  and it is free and secure.  You set up your class with the phone numbers to text and simply write in the text messages of the homework and it sends it to all the cell phones you have listed.

    Another useful website is this is a free resource to teachers to create a list of students in their class and set up positive and negative behaviors they are looking for.  You can then set up a timer or choose to do this at certain points of the day.  A students name will randomly come up with a picture of their dojo and you just click on the behavior observed.  This can be set up so your parents, students, or administrator can observe your dojo class and behaviors observed.  The student can go in and set up their own dojo.  The email the student puts in does not have to be a real email account.  

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    Elementary Teaching Resources
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    Middle School Teaching Resources
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    High School Teaching Resources
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    Interactive Whiteboard Links