Topic outline

  • General Information for Mrs. Grafmiller's Classes

    Below you will find general information, commonly asked questions, and other useful information that pertain to all Mrs. Grafmiller's classes.

  • How to Videos

    Below are videos you may need to utilize in order to complete required work. 

    How to download textbooks, workbooks, and general pdfs.


  • Important Software for the course

    Here are some links to important software you will or may need for the course. So please make sure they are on your device to ensure you can do all work. Any issues, please let me know as soon as you can.

    Adobe Reader - Allows you to view pdf files and to edit them.

    Quicktime for Movies - Allows you to view quicktime videos

    VLC media player - Allows you to view most videos found on the internet.

    OpenOffice - Free word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation programs.

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  • Assignments and Grading

    - All assignments are graded for completion, being turned in on time, and whether or not the assignments parameters, that were stated when the assignment was given, were met. Exemptions or extensions will be given on a case by case basis.

    - LATE WORK - any work that is late (turned in past the given due date) will be allowed to be turned in ONE DAY late for 80% credit if 1.) A missing work slip is signed by a parent & 2) The missing assignment is turned in COMPLETE. This holds true with all assignments, in all of my classes. 

    - The grades are usually entered weekly, or at max 1.5 weeks from collection date depending on assignment. This time frame is only for small assignments like WS, TB, or WB. (worksheets, textbook, or workbooks). There is a extended time frame in place for writing assignments as these tend to take longer to grade. 

    - Worksheets, Journals, and workbooks will have an assigned point value per page. 

    - Labs and projects will have an overall assigned value that will be stated to the class on the day the assignment is given. 

    - Some assignments will be allowed to fix for half credit, and the students will be told what assignments they are the day they are gone over. 

    - Most writing assignments, in all of my classes, are graded by using the basic writing rubric below. 

    - Content specific rubrics will be used from time to time and will be listed on the individual assignment for viewing. 

    - Any questions about grading can be asked at any time by emailing me or setting up a conference time that is convient for you.

  • This topic

    My expectations of you and what you should expect from me

    I wish you all the best in the classroom and in your lives. My expectations are the same for you as they are for my own children. I expect:

    you to try your best.

    you to believe in yourself.

    you to respect everyone who you come in contact with.

    you to speak up for yourself.

    you to be the person you would want to meet.

    From me you should expect:




    my best.