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  • Vanlue Veterans Hall of Fame

    Vanlue Veterans HOF

    This annual award is being given to recognize the many contributions of our Vanlue area residents who gave their time and talents to serve our country and our community.

    About the Award:
    Every year, the senior class would like to recognize an area veteran (living or deceased) who has shown dedication and loyalty to both their military service and to the Vanlue community.

    Criteria for the award:
    The selection criteria will focus on the nominee’s present/past military service and their dedication to the Vanlue community.

    Who can make a nomination for the award:
    Nominations will be accepted by anyone and must be submitted by the last day of September to be considered for the award this year. Please submit applications to Vanlue School via the website or mail to Ms. Brian 301 South East Street, PO Box 250, Vanlue, OH 45890.

    How the recipient will be selected for the award:
    The government class will select the recipient of this award by a class majority vote. The selection criteria will focus on the nominee’s military service and their achievement for the betterment of the Vanlue community.

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