9/23/16 - NAMI Program

KidShop is a new program that NAMI is implementing to help children who are affected by mental illness. They can have a diagnosis themselves, or live in a home with someone who has been diagnosed. It meets on the first Saturday of each month for four hours, and consists of activities that help the children and others in their homes better understand one another. All of the facilitators have been trained by NAMI Ohio and have had their fingerprints done by BCI, safety is of the utmost importance to us.  The program begins on October 1 and will be located at Jacobs Primary School in Findlay.


9/16/16 - Volley for the Cure Volleyball Game

On Saturday September 24 beginning at 10:00am, the Vanlue Junior High & High School Volleyball Teams will be hosting a Volley for the Cure match against Fostoria St. Wendelin. We invite students, faculty, community, and most important the fighters/survivors to come be a part of this event. We want to recognize the fight and reality of Breast Cancer and be a part in any way to help further the research to cure this disease. 

We will be wearing as much pink as we can to show how much we care for everyone effected by Breast Cancer. Most importantly we want to recognize the fighters/survivors at this match. Along with this, we also will have numerous raffles, auctions, a Serve to Win event, and other events. Also, starting Monday September 19, we will start selling paper volleyballs to put names of anyone who is fighting, a survivor, or who lost their lives to Breast Cancer. These will be for sale in the cafeteria for $1 by the Volleyball Team during both elementary and JH/HS lunches. ALL of these volleyballs will then be displayed on the wall at the match. 

We hope to have as many as possible show up for this wonderful event!! Come cheer on our Wildcat Volleyball teams and also be a part of the fight. ALL PROCEEDS made from all the raffles, auctions and events will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to provide research to battle Breast Cancer. We look forward to seeing you there and GO WILDCATS!!!

9/15/16 - 6th Grade Science Fun

6th grade students experienced their first science lab Sept. 13. They were expected to follow procedures to result in the water in one cup "walking" across to another. Students had to write a hypothesis, make observations, and then write a conclusion stating whether the hypothesis was confirmed.

9/15/16 - 4th Grade Science Fun

Students in Mr. Furey’s Fourth Grade Science class spent the first three weeks of the school year learning about weathering, erosion, and deposition.  Students learned how weathering is the breaking down of the rocks and soil, erosion is the movement of the rocks and sediments to a new location, and deposition is the depositing of the material in a new location.  The class participated in many activities, including making an anchor map, watching a video about weathering and erosion, and completing worksheets.  The final activity was a science experiment as students worked in pairs to “build” mountains and hills out of dirt and then added water and ice to study the effects water had on their creations.  Students enjoyed getting their hands dirty!  Up next for the Fourth Graders is a unit on rocks and the rock cycle.

9/9/16 - Pizza Hut Friday!

Today was the first day of Pizza Hut Fridays! We got a very positive response from the kids and they were super excited to eat lunch.

8/22/16 - August Board of Education Meeting

Click the link below to view the August Board meeting beginning at 6:30 pm.

Watch here!

6/21/16 - Laptop Case Recommendation

If you're looking for a laptop case for next school year, you're in luck! Mr. Groman has done some summer homework and believes he has found a great deal! Check out the website below and use promo code VAN2016 for 15% off. The offer runs until October 31, 2016.