5/5/16 - Mrs. Labie's Obituary

The link below will take you to Mrs. Labie's obituary.  Visitation will be from 2-6pm on Saturday, May 7 at Rodenberger Funeral Home in Deshler, OH with a memorial service following in the funeral home.  Thank you for your output of thoughts and prayers during this time of loss.

Mrs. Labie's Obituary

5/2/16 - Open Enrollment for 2016-2017 School Year Now Open

The Vanlue Local School District will accept Interdistrict Open Enrollment applications for the 2016-2017 school year from May 1 through May 31, 2016.  Applications may be picked up at the school office between 7:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., Monday – Friday.  Applications must be submitted to the Vanlue Superintendent’s office by the May 31 deadline.  Open enrollment allows students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade who do not reside in the Vanlue School District to attend Vanlue School tuition free.  Parents whose students already attend Vanlue School through open enrollment MUST also re-apply each year within this time period.

Please click here for the Open Enrollment Application

For more information, contact the Vanlue Superintendent’s office at (419) 387-7724.

4/25/16 - April Board of Education Meeting

Click the link below to view the April Board meeting beginning at 7:00 pm.

Watch here!

2/3/16 - New Vaccine Requirements

Now that 2016 is officially underway, it's never too early to think about updating your student's vaccines. Of course the usual groups of students need theirs (incoming kindergartners and incoming 7th graders). However, the Ohio Department of Health has now issued a mandatory meningitis vaccine for all incoming 11th graders. A mailing will go home today for current 6th and 10th graders. Please don't hesitate on scheduling an appointment with your doctor or the Health Department. Also, graduating seniors will need to touch base with their college of choice to see if they have any special vaccine requirements. As always, Vanlue School needs the most current vaccine record on file for your student. If you have any questions, please call Jodi in the office during normal school hours.

9/4/15 - New Attendance Email

Beginning Tuesday, September 8, if you would like to email your student’s absence into the school, please use attendance@vanlueschool.org.  The attendance phone number will remain the same at 419-387-8104.  As always in both emails and phone messages, please state your student’s name, your name, the date, parent phone number, and the reason for the absence.  Please call before 8:30am with the absence.  Students have 48 hours to provide a written note or the absence will be categorized as unexcused.  All doctor’s appointments must have a written note before the appointment and a slip from the doctor’s office to return to school.  Thank you and have a great school year!

8/18/19 - New Medication Forms and Procedures

With the new school year, the adminstration would like to inform you of new procedures when it comes to having/receiving medication during the school day.  There will be no more coming to the office and asking for headache medicine, etc.  A letter will be going home the first day of school with ALL students explaining these new procedures and forms.

Please click here for a direct link to the new forms.